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[testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Tara Milbrand” name=”Tara Milbrand” position=”Project Director, Reach Out and Read San Diego”]Couvignou Creative was the perfect company for all our design needs. Pam transformed our cluttered and disorganized website into a clean and visually appealing site with a natural flow. As a busy professional I appreciate her ability to quickly transform my sparse ideas into a rich product. She has great ideas and is extremely responsive. Her work on our website, newsletters, and other digital media has been invaluable.[/testimonial]

[testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Karen Coutts” name=”Karen Coutts” position=”Owner / KC Fundraising Solutions”]Pam is a great partner. She integrated my requests and her experienced recommendations to create a product that looks professional while also showing personality. She provided the perfect balance of guidance and support.[/testimonial]

[testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Buy Design Interiors” name=”Mary Mattheson” position=”Owner / Buy Design Interiors”]Working in a visual industry where attention to detail is key, I needed someone who understood this completely.  Pam listened to my needs and transformed them into a professional website, illustrative of my creativity and philosophy, in a timely and cost effective manner.  I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process with Pam.[/testimonial]

[testimonial image_url=”” image_alt=”Just Call Jonna” name=”Jonna Talbott” position=”Owner / Just Call Jonna”]Pam immediately understood my needs, offered fabulous ideas, and had the website up and running within days.  I would highly recommend this talented lady to anyone![/testimonial]



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Pamela Couvignou

– San Diego, CA
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